GPI Holding, insurance company

GPI is the first insurance company at the Georgian market, which digitalized insurance in 2016 and offered its customers the platforms through which they could purchase insurance and get refund remotely, without visiting the office. Since then, digital development and simplification of insurance services for the customers has been the primary objective of GPI’s strategic development. A special mobile application was launched, which enabled the customers to receive all insurance services without leaving homes. 

The project started in 2019 and is still going on. 

Prior to the pandemic, 50% of the customers were using this application; the purpose was to get benefit from the insurance and have convenient communication with the company. Covid-19 changed everything and the company services were fully transferred to online mode. Duration and number of consulting sessions with a personal doctor increased in the provider clinic, free telephone consulting with narrow profile doctor was added to prevent the insured individuals from unnecessary extra visits to hospital. The partner laboratory visits the patient home to take material for the test. Emergency patients are sent to provider clinics for examinations or surgeries, and funding is provided remotely. The procedure for prescribing drugs for chronical diseases was simplified – applications for all drugs are renewed automatically to avoid extra visits of the customers. The clients were offered electronic cards for payment; the cards were integrated in the application and it excluded contact with cash and credit cards. Refund boxes were placed at the service centers for those who were unable to upload the documents online. Online compensation applications were refunded to the clients on the same day, while for the applications placed in the boxes the same took 3 days. 

This approach encouraged the customers to download the company mobile application and as of today 95% of the clients are using online platform for receiving insurance services. In November 2020 the company got involved in the process of home treatment of Covid-patients. Although the risk of pandemic for those with the insurance policies was an exception, the company funds home treatment and examination costs for its clients. 

During two months the company performed over 300,000 remote transactions. The amount of online refunds to the insured clients during quarantine exceeded 11 million GEL.