Who Can Enter the Awards

The Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards are free to enter. The awards are open to the private companies of any size registered in Georgia. By “private companies” we mean companies that make a profit through the provision of goods or services. 

The Awards are not open to civil society organizations, public-sector bodies, or state-owned companies (by “state-owned” we mean company where 50% or more shares are owned directly by State or State established entity or/and where the control over company is otherwise exercised by state, or state-owned entities - for instance through Chief Executive Officer appointed, or through legal stipulations or corporate articles ensuring continued state control over an enterprise or its board of directors in which it holds a minority stake).

The Awards are not open to companies representing industries with potential or actual negative impacts on the environment and society, such as: gambling (including online gambling, casinos, and other types of gambling); the tobacco industry; weapons (production and/or trade); as well as companies engaged in activities prohibited by Georgian legislation or international conventions.

Large, medium and small companies can enter and will have equal chances to win, as entries will be assessed against the scoring guide and not against each other. The scale of the activities and results will be assessed in relation to the size of the company.

Small and medium sized company as well as a large company winner may be awarded in each category.

Submissions from the previous year may be resubmitted only if they can clearly demonstrate tangible new results, achievements, and developments since the last submission.

The Grand Prix Winner from the previous year is not eligible to submit an entry to the same category in the following year's Meliora Awards. However, they are permitted to enter any other category or categories.

The Winner in a thematic or special category from the previous year is not allowed to submit the same project, even if it demonstrates tangible developments and new results. However, the Winner in a thematic category from the previous year is allowed to submit again to the same category only if it involves a completely different program or project.

Previous winners are strongly encouraged to submit new initiatives.


According to National Statistics Office of Georgia GEOSTAT (http://www.geostat.ge ) a Large company is defined as a company which has more than 250 employees; SME is defined as any business with no parent company having 250 employees or less.  National branches of multinational companies, which locally have less than 250 employees will be considered a large company, not SME.