About the Contest

This year CSRDG for the third time conducts the annual Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Contest - Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards “Meliora”.  The Awards are organized within the frames of the Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative, with the support of European Union and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS). The Contest is organized in collaboration and with the support of various business associations aiming to promote responsible business conduct in Georgia, international and local experts’ organizations and CSOs.

“Meliora” is a Latin word meaning The Best. Therefore, every year Meliora Awards will celebrate companies operating in Georgia for most inspiring and outstanding projects and initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility, that change Georgia for the better.

Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards “Meliora” is a nation-wide effort to promote and strengthen the CSR commitment among businesses; attract attention to excellent examples of CSR projects; encourage and motivate companies to adopt best practices and become role models for others; and finally to demonstrate that a responsible business, aiming to be a force for good, by creating healthy communities and a healthy environment, achieves long-term financial value and commercial success as a result.

Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, we have had to make some changes to the awards scheme.  The COVID-19 crisis confirms once again that businesses, communities, society, and the environment are mutually dependent.  While COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the business of small and large companies alike, this is also a unique opportunity for responsible businesses to demonstrate how sustainable and well prepared they are to manage risks and adapt to new circumstances.


We believe that in this extraordinary and unprecedented time responsible business is more important than ever.

To support businesses at these difficult times we have decided to dedicate Meliora 2020 to highlighting the projects and initiatives implemented by companies in frames of their corporate responsibility in response to COVID 19 crisis.


Therefore, this year the Contest comprises four Categories, covering all main areas of responsible business actions in response to COVID-19 challenges.

Contest is open to the companies of all sizes from around the country.

 The independent jury consisting of the leading Georgian and international experts  would evaluate nominees based on the consistency and effectiveness of their efforts, sustainability of the results and proper design of the initiatives. Amount of the invested funds would not be in no way decisive factor in evaluation process.