Supporting Communities

Award for supporting and developing society and the local communities

What should the nomination be about: This category recognizes remarkable program/project/initiative, aimed at improving the life of the communities, in which the company operates, specific groups of population and society at large; helping communities or target groups to tackle specific problems they are facing, including issues, such as: education, sports, culture, health, poverty alleviation, equal opportunities and social inclusion, sustainable livelihood, development opportunities etc. 

To be recognized as a winner in this category means that company exerts a positive influence on the society and/or separate communities, strategically addresses specific issues they are facing and achieves long-term sustainable results.


  • Promoting equal opportunities in the community
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Supporting disadvantaged groups or people with special needs for social integration and decent living conditions
  • Challenging stereotypes and social change initiatives
  • Business against poverty
  • Contributing to the resolution of acute societal problems
  • Economic empowerment of the local communities
  • Educating and empowering the community (providing education opportunities, promoting educational activities)
  • Promoting culture and cultural heritage preservation
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle, sports and health protection
  • Pro bono support and employee volunteering initiatives
  • OTER: If the project does not fit into any of the above themes, applicants can add a theme, which suits their nomination best.


Entry Form, Assessment Scoring Guide