Responsibility in the Marketplace

Award for ethical and fair business-practices, honest and responsible attitude toward customers, suppliers, and other partners.

What should the nomination be about: This category recognizes remarkable program/project/initiative, which company implements over and above statutory obligations, designed to make its impact on the marketplace more transparent, fair, and inclusive. This may be any project/initiative aimed at better communication with consumers, protection and promotion of their rights; introduction of quality systems or codes of practice; innovative sustainable products and services; improvement of relations with suppliers and clients; collaboration with partners and/or competitors; and measures aimed at greater transparency.


  • Promoting ethical behavior within and outside the company
  • Responsible customer-related initiatives
  • Initiatives aimed at protection of personal data
  • Innovative products /services for customers with special needs
  • Promoting gender equality at the marketplace (among suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Empowering local suppliers
  • OTER: If the project does not fit into any of the above themes, applicants can add a theme, which suits their nomination best.


Entry Form, Assessment Scoring Guide