Cross-sector Partnership

Award for the for the successful partnership initiatives between a company and civil-society organization, aimed at public good

What should the nomination be about: This category is designed to identify and acknowledge successful partnerships between a company and at least one (or more) civil society organization. The award is conferred for strategically set and socially beneficial program/project/initiative implemented by the company through active cooperation with civil society organization(s) focused on addressing current social or environmental issues, improving quality of life, supporting and developing local communities and/or specific the target groups.

To be recognised as a winner in this category means that partnership scheme involves mutually complementary and unique expertise of partners thus creating value to all stakeholders and a lasting positive impact on some of the key issues facing the communities and environment. 


  • Partnership with civil-society organization for social change

Initiatives for the public good implemented jointly with civil society organization aimed at solving social or environmental issue or addressing needs of particular community groups. 

  • Strengthening Civil Society Organization through systemic support

Systemic long-term support of civil society organization through various means (including financial and in-kind contribution, donation of employee time and pro bono support) aimed at strengthening target organization for the benefit of the society.


Entry Form, Assessment Scoring Guide