Evaluation Process

The evaluation process has two stages: eligibility check and assessment of entries by the Jury. For certain categories (Grand Prix, CSR Manager of the Year) assessment also involves oral presentations by short-listed nominees to the Jury. 

Eligibility Check

After the deadline, all submitted entries will go through the eligibility check. Applications failing to meet the eligibility criteria will not advance to the next evaluation stage (refer to: Eligibility). Applicants with minor technical deficiencies in their entries will be contacted to be informed about these issues. They will be granted a few days to rectify their applications and/or submit the required documentation. 

Assessment of the Entries by Jury

All eligible entries will go forward to the independent Jury (group of the external assessors) and will be assessed against the comprehensive evaluation criteria scoring guidance (published at: www.meliora.ge) Jury will also take account of the evidence provided along with the application (documents, links, etc.) to select the winners.

After reviewing the materials, Jury members may have questions and reserve the right to request additional information/documents from the nominees. However, Jury members do not address directly the nominees, but send their questions/requests via Contest organizers. 

Revealing a Long List

Companies whose applications attain a cumulative average score of 60 points or higher will be placed on the 'long list.'

A concise overview of entries from these long-listed companies will be featured in the Contest Catalogue. Additionally, the 'long list' companies will be publicly announced across the Contest's communication channels prior to the Awards Ceremony." 

Oral Presentations for the Categories: Grand Prix and CSR Manager of the Year

For the Categories Grand Prix and CSR Manager of the Year assessment by the Jury will be two-round. In the first round, the Jury will review the entries and select the short-listed candidates (finalists) of the given category. In the second round selected finalists would be invited to personally present their submitted projects/initiatives to the Jury.

The short-listed candidates would be notified in advance, in a written form, which topics/issues they are expected to concentrate in their presentations.

Based on the presentations, the Jury will select winners for the mentioned categories.


A minimum of three entries is required in a category for a winner to be announced. If the number of entries in a category is fewer than three, outstanding applicants will receive a certificate of recognition; however, a winner will not be determined.

Jury can choose not to give an award in the certain category if the entries are not deemed to be of a suitable standard.

Jury reserves the right to confer two prizes in each thematic or special category: for Large Company and the SME.

Please refer also to the Terms and Conditions. 

Revealing the winners - Awards Ceremony and Prizes

Following completion of the assessment process, the awards’ winners will be announced at a black-tie Awarding Ceremony to be held in June 2024.

  • Each category winner will be awarded the special prize - an elegant trophy
  • All winners are free to use “Meliora 2024 Winner” logo in their communication materials .
  • All applicants, whether they are winners or not, will be invited to the prestigious Awards Ceremony.

Whether you win or not, you can be sure that the Awards Ceremony will be a memorable day for you.

We can't wait to see you there.

To feel a sense of the previous awarding ceremonies, please visit the Gallery.