Green Initiatives

Award for an extraordinary project focused on environmental protection.

What should the nomination be about: This category recognizes remarkable environmental program/project/initiative, which company implements over and above statutory obligations, aimed at reducing company’s environmental impact, transforming a business practices to preserve the health of our planet, protecting and rehabilitating natural environment and also stimulating others to do the same by raising awareness of emerging environmental challenges or helping to change environmental behavior of its target audiences. 


  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Energy Management
  • Reducing environmental pollution
  • Environmentally friendly transport solutions
  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Waste management
  • Green product design
  • Environmental behaviour change and awareness raising initiatives
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Green Office
  • OTER: If the project does not fit into any of the above themes, applicants can add a theme, which suits their nomination best. 


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