GRAND PRIX: Responsible Large Company of the Year

Award for pioneering Large companies that have embedded responsibility across their business strategies and operations and engage in all major areas of CSR.

What should the nomination be about: This is not an award for a specific initiative or a single area. This category is designed to acknowledge Large Companies that have made CSR an integral part of the way they do business, that systematically, comprehensively, strategically and innovatively develop their responsibility and can demonstrate examples of policies or projects, which positively impact upon the society and environment in all appropriate areas of operations.

The award would be conferred to the large company who decided to report on all four main areas of responsibility: responsibility towards employees, community, environment and responsibility on the marketplace, and shows best performance overall.

According to National Statistics office of Georgia a Large company is defined for Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards as a company which has more than 250 employees.

Multinationals operating in Georgia have to demonstrate a visible initiatives and active efforts on local level - not only implementation of global strategy; its assessment would take into account the adjustment of the company’s global strategy to Georgian conditions and its quality domestic activities.


Entry Form, Assessment Scoring Guide