GRAND PRIX: Responsible SME of the Year

Award for pioneering small and medium-sized companies that have embedded responsibility across their businesses and engage in several major areas of CSR.

What should nomination be about: This is not an award for a specific initiative or a single area. This category is designed to acknowledge small and medium-sized companies that can best demonstrate a company-wide commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and have implemented CSR projects or programs with sustainable results in several appropriate areas of operations.

The award would be conferred to Georgian SME for outstanding CSR approach and most efficient activities performed in at least three out of the following four areas:

  • Responsibility towards the environment
  • Responsibility towards employees
  • Responsibility on the marketplace
  • Responsibility towards the community

If a company decides to report on all four listed areas, this will be considered as an advantage.

According to National Statistics office of Georgia a SME is defined for Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards as a company whose number of employees does not exceed 250


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