What Can Be Submitted?

The programs/projects/initiatives or strategy which took place in 2023 could be entered for the Contest. The nominated program/project/initiative or strategy should be already completed, or well in progress, with some results already in place, and others clearly on track.

If the nominated program or project has started earlier than 2023, entrants must make it clear when the activity took place and what stage it has reached, what was done during the eligible period (since January 2023) and demonstrate specific results for the mentioned period.

Activities described in the entry should go above and beyond any legal/statutory/regulatory requirements placed upon the company or regular business activity. The submitted projects/initiatives should fit into Contest categories and reflect company’s responsible actions.

Multinationals operating in Georgia have to demonstrate a visible initiatives and active efforts on local level - not only implementation of global strategy; its assessment would take into account the adjustment of the company’s global strategy to Georgian conditions and its quality domestic activities.