Philip Moris Georgia

The initiative of Philip Moris Georgia (PMG) ‘Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria – creating history during the pandemic’ was worked out by support of the employees and their families, because wellbeing of its employees is the key priority for PMG. This is why from the very first day of the pandemic outbreak, the company worked out an initiative the purpose of which was to cope with the stress, deal with the new reality and improve mental health condition of the team. 

The project comprised of four components: safety, mental wellbeing, motivation, support. 

The company has a goal to create a space where all employees would experience safe environment and feel support of the company. A decision about ‘reasonable working’ rules is important, it helped them to maintain the ideal balance between their jobs and families. 

45 company employees were moved to online working mode; as a result of involvement of the employees and their enthusiasm, 14 birthdays were celebrated online during the pandemic, 10 digital coffee breaks were held and 23 informal meetings were organized in a virtual room. 

During the pandemic Philip Moris International (PMI) organized online seminars devoted to various themes. They held several global summits, organized ‘summer camp’ for the employees’ children. 

Efficiency of the undertaken initiatives is well reflected in increase of the employees’ loyalty index (Employer Net Promoter Score) by 22 points during the pandemic.