Hilton Batumi

During the Covid-19 pandemic (first wave), Hilton Batumi hotel was shut down in compliance with the regulations. It was neither able to host the visitors, nor had any income and its 136 employees were under threat of being left without salaries.

The company management set a plan to provide maximum support to their employees in that unusual situation and assist them to overcome the difficulties imposed by the pandemic. The company is run under European and American standards which was well illustrated during the pandemic. Under its corporate social responsibility plan, the company took actions in several directions. 13,000 Euros were allocated and distributed as financial aids to the employees. During the first lockdown the company provided financial assistance to 70 employees and 120 were provided with the food supplies stored in the hotel. In total the company supplied 4,000 kg food products to its employees. 

To ensure availability of this information on the ongoing initiatives to all the employees, Hilton Batumi opened a WhatApp account for a large group of employees. Information on the initiative and virus was actively distributed within the group; it must be noted that by help of this group the company received many gratitude letters from its employees.