For the purposes of sustainable economic and psychological support of its employees during the pandemic, Dio LLC worked out an action plant. Under the plan a bright new product – vehicle partition, which turned out to be very efficient for preventing virus spread during driving. Besides, the company accelerated the process of the new facility construction which enabled to continue the production process without delay and in full compliance with the safety standards. 

In March 2020 for avoiding the potential pandemic associated problems, the company established a special emergency staff which is in charge of taking care of stability maintenance within the company. Through efforts of the emergency staff 70% of Dio employees were provided with an access to online training, they were also given recommendation and informative notifications, and 60 employees were tested for Covid-19. 

The production of the innovated vehicle partition made it feasible to pay 100% salaries to the company employees. 

By the above-mentioned activities, as well as by complying with the WHO recommendations, the company succeeded in preventing internal spread of the virus. 

Thanks to the established staff the company has been capable of efficiently managing the processes to date.