Selecting appropriate category

Think of the initiatives/projects your company has implemented in response to COVID-19 pandemic to protect and support your various stakeholders (employees, clients and customers, suppliers, partners) and society at large; and to adapt to the “new normal” in a responsible and sustainable way. Select appropriate category.

If you have a project or initiative that you think may fall under more than one category, it is up to you to decide which is the most relevant.

How many Entries can you submit?

You may submit any number of entries to any number of categories; You can enter different categories with different projects, and, you may enter one category with several projects.

One entry could not be submitted twice to two or more different categories, you may only submit a specific project once.

Contest organizers may recommend the applicants to move nomination into another category at the stage of eligibility assessment (before the nomination goes to the Jury). However, it is applicant’s responsibility to make final decision and select relevant category.

If you require guidance on selecting category, please feel free to contact us by mail ( or telephone.