Quickstart digital agency is the platform of Quick, which was created under the company corporate social responsibility plan. Its purpose is to provide free information on capacities of digital technology to start-up and small business representatives and assist them in taking the first steps in this direction. By this project Quick team is taking responsibility to reduce the damage through which small businesses are going during the pandemic by way of sharing their knowledge.   

The project commenced on June 25, 2020 and has had 250 beneficiaries since. Around 55% of the entire time is remaining until it is ended and accordingly it is expected that the number of beneficiaries will double. Quickstart is divided in three modules. All three include different stages of digitizing the business transactions of the interested companies. The first communication with the customer is made through social media channels. The interested business representatives carry on communication with Quick specialists in Zoom. In the first module they get information about the possibilities of digital technologies and how the latter can help them overcome various difficulties. The second module is a workshop and they start to integrate the information received during the first module into the business strategy. At the end of this module content and advertisement strategy are worked out. The next communication in the third module is performed through mentorship. 

Quick specialists provide help in assessment of execution efficiency and refining. Vast majority of the project beneficiaries evaluate it positively. 

Although the project does not provide for complete digitizing of the business transactions, it provides valuable information on its importance. It is a one-year project, but is intended to be expanded next year.