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At the start of the pandemic, it turned out that most small businesses were not prepared to switch to provision of remote services and they were facing problems in their communication with the customers. To provide assistance in dealing with this issue and to facilitate development of start-ups, Europebet provided a pop-media advertisement space free of charge to small businesses who were interested in digital advertising. 

The project commenced in April 2020. The team of Europebet digital marketing professionals was actively collaborating with the selected 30 small businesses. Through their support, the businesses involved in the program were able to plan their campaigns correctly. As a result, small business advertisements were viewed by the customers more than 1 million times. 

The campaigns were planned and managed by direct support of Europebet social media team during 6 weeks. Vast majority of the projects are still effective and continue functioning. 

Pursuant to the feedback, small business representatives are emphasizing that the main benefit received from the project was the gained experience about how to plan and run advertisement campaigns and what outcome could they get from a correctly planned digital campaign. The Europebet project helped its beneficiaries to maintain and increase the number of their customers, in some cases the increase reached 20%.