Universe Business Group LLC

In the context of COVID-19 crisis, the company could have become obliged to reduce the number of working places and consequently the employees, which would definitely have a negative effect on the latter’s financial position. It became necessary to take certain steps from the very first days of the lockdown which helped us to maintain the working places and remuneration to the employees. 

During the pandemic Universe Business Group developed a schedule for distant working, specific transportation means were assigned to those staff members whose presence was inevitable at the immediate working location; thus, their safe transfer was guaranteed. The company added to its products disinfection and personal protection items, plus launched a delivery service. 

As a result of all the above-mentioned activities, the company maintained 19 working positions and improved financial condition of the employees. Furthermore, it succeeded in introducing a bonus scheme during this challenging time. The company purchased equipment and machinery under the credit which allowed it to expand production and employ additional personnel. In total the company employed 18 new individuals and the number of staff members reached 37.