GPI Holding insurance company

At the very first pandemic stage support and safety of its employees became of primary importance for GPI Holding. Therefore, it planned and implemented a project – ‘Forward, to the new reality!’, the main goal of which was to retain all the employees and train them to prepare for switching to a new working mode.    

The project commenced in March 2020 and is still going on. 

Under the project a Covid-19 organizational team was established. Firstly, we equipped the offices with disinfection means, dezo-barriers and the posters with guidelines worked out by the Ministry of Healthcare. The organizational team managed to supply the necessary equipment to each employee’s home in a very short period of time, IT department ensured that they were all switched into the internal network. Prior to moving to distant working, an internal communication strategy was developed providing for the employees daily online activities, in order to maintain team spirit and hear about their needs, encourage and increase their motivation on daily basis. 

Home working of over 70% of the employees demonstrated to the management a new opportunity and the company switched to a new working style: so-called hybrid-management model, in which over 70% of the employees would permanently work from home. 

As a result of taking new steps:  during the first pandemic wave none of the employees of the holding got infected for any job-related reason. All 743 employees maintained their jobs, salaries and bonuses. New working places were created and up to 60 individuals were employed. 

During the period full of challenges, the company achieved its goal and on the account of the planned activities the employees loyalty towards the company increased.