LLC Duty Free Georgia

Duty Free has been successfully operating in Georgia since 2014. During the pandemic caused by Covid-19 the company was left without income. Regardless absence of the revenues the company set a plan to make use of any available chances, not to leave a single employee without salary and ensure their financial sustainability. 

The company started implementing the project on March 16, 2020 which will continue till the end of the pandemic. 

For the purposes of supporting its employees, over 10 months the company allocated remuneration fund of 2,665,000.00 GEL. It should be noted that the restricting regulations are still effective and the company will make sure to keep paying salaries to its employees in future. 

Apart from paying the salaries in full, the company maintains a base in which all employees, will it be a shop assistant or head office staff member, re registered. The base keeps record of their health condition, their financial position and if any employee is in any need, the company is ready to provide assistance. 

By the mentioned activities the company expresses its loyalty towards the employees and through closer cooperation with them forms powerful and steady business in Georgian reality.