Blauenstein Georgia

The main value for Blauenstein Georgia is its employee; the former believes than an employee has to be happy. This is why, the company tries to create an environment where people will be able to realize their personal resources. The company believes that when an employee feels comfortable at his/her position, he/she is realized and has a chance to enjoy the outcome of his/her own work, and there is nothing and nobody in this universe more productive than a happy human being. 

In the context of the challenges created by Covid-19 pandemic, the company considers that its main objective is to increase revenue of its employees and take care of their wellbeing. It succeeded to retain all employees and increased salaries by 300 GEL. 

By this initiative the remuneration budget of Blauenstein Georgia was increased by about 20K GEL, however the main objective - motivation of the employees and caring about their wellbeing – is much more important than any amount of money. 

The mentioned steps taken by the company were not of rare and occasional nature; the employees are still receiving increased salaries and against the background of the further challenges it is not out of question that the company will take a similar step in nearest future.