Poti Marine Harbour Corporation - APM Terminals Poti

The main challenge of Poti Marine Harbour APM Terminals Poti during the pandemic was to maintain steady operation of the port and uninterrupted and efficient functioning of the supply chain; it was also important to ensure safety of the employees and provide them with convenient working conditions. The company started the project on February 24, 2020 and it is still going on. 

From the early stage of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak the company started working out the plan for uninterrupted operations and introduction of additional safety regulations, namely, to isolate the employees crucial for the operations in a specially rented hotel and involve them in operations as required in order to prevent delays in transportation of vital shipments. 

From the very first days of virus spread in the country, the company mobilized physical and communication resources for the company employees, visitors and customers for the purposes of securing their health and safety. 

Apart from the obligatory isolation of the employees with Covid-19 positive test results, 8 additional isolation days were introduced under the internal regulations. 

As a result, the port did not suspend functioning for even one day and it was continuously supplying the country with necessary daily products.  

Regardless the existing circumstances, wide scale testing and isolation, spreading of the virus was prevented; it was done for the purposes of maintaining wellbeing of the harbour employees and local population. 

The company was actively cooperating with its partners in the project - Customs Department of Revenue Service and Geomedservice LLC.