Anagi LLC

During the pandemic Anagi planned and implemented a project aimed at reducing negative impact of Corona virus on the employees, and taking care of their economic and health conditions. The project started in March 2020 and is still going on. 

To achieve the above-mentioned goal, Anagi had to work in several directions Majority of the employees were transferred to online working mode. The employees who due to their specific functions had to continue working in regular way, were frequently tested. 

Remuneration was fully transferred to all employees without delays. The employees’ salaries that were subjected to planned increase were not delayed by the Pandemic. All employees were retained at their positions, and new ones were hired. For the purposes of facilitating remote working mode, several software accounts were purchased. 

Construction sites and offices were being permanently disinfected. Due to the public transport restrictions, the company organized commuting services for its employees. 

Due to the above-mentioned prevention measures, the number of the infected among the company team of 3,000 is almost as low as 1%. 

In summer 2020 the term of Anagi’s ISO international standard certificate was extended in terms of work safety and quality management (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018).