Right after Covid-19 pandemic outbreak Terabank performed a survey to determine demand; the survey revealed the requirements of their business clients. The project started on July 6, 2020 and ended on November 15, 2020. 

Under the project scheme, the bank initiated delivery of gifts according to specific needs for the first 50 registered clients. The offered gift packages contained services such as design of logo and corporate style, social media channels and website. 

As a result, the second wave of the crisis reached Terabank business clients in a position when they were well aware of the new digital platform and communication tools. The project provided for design of the following: 

10 websites with business clients information and visual material;

16 websites with electronic commerce support, business client information and visual material;

25 business photobanks – professional photo-sessions, processed photos to be used in various communication channels;

4 brand books and suggesting names to business clients;

provision of social media service to 25 business clients – create/set up Facebook, write texts for the FB posts and create visual content, specify future communication strategy;

a series of training sessions for 18 business representatives on management of Facebook and digital platforms;

10 TV programs on business activities. 

Terabank implemented this project in partnership with Krakeni communication agency, Waterguns advertisement agency, B2C online store, desk – professional website platform (desk.ge), Flix Group and a professional photographer.