OneSoft is actively working on development of systematic management of businesses and enhancing companies’ access to software decisions, therefore in response to the Covid-19 related economic crisis, within the scope of social responsibility OneSoft expressed its willingness to support small and medium business free of charge or offer a united program on a 50% co-funding term to the companies for ERP Standard management and book-keeping accounting. 

The project was intended for supporting small and medium business sectors. The highest priority was given to the sectors which were no longer operating with regular capacity: food product and primary items producers, retail dealers and distribution companies. The main problems that they were facing were: delayed delivery chain, product deficiency, inefficient procurement management, complexity of switching to online sales, simultaneous data processing remotely, timely access, and etc. 

Response of OneSoft to the listed challenges was to equip the companies with efficient tool, which would easily solve the problems. As a result, 12 companies were granted permanent program software licenses free of charge, the consumers took a 24-hour training course. Each company received modern ERP system of $2,000 value in average and the related service, which allowed full automatization of the business processes and consequently, the challenges were responded more efficiently. 

Currently, beneficiaries of the OneSoft funding project carry on functioning and through introduction of ERP system they managed to solve the urgent problems such as: 

  • minimization of monetary means deficiency risk
  • reduction of accounts receivable
  • timely provision of the required reserves
  • efficient management of online orders and sales 

The project also included a webinar series on ERP systems to make the lockdown period more educational and productive for the citizens.