ACT STRATEGIST is a social responsibility project – a web consulting platform of the research and strategic consulting company ACT. ACT team developed this project to support one of the most vulnerable sectors – small and medium business - due to the complicated circumstances emerging worldwide and in Georgia during Covid-19 pandemic; the project is still in progress. 

The project was aimed at helping small and medium businesses to recover from the first shock resulting from unprecedented crisis that had emerged unexpectedly. The key purpose of the project is to share knowledge and experience, this is why the professionals with many years of working and consulting experience got gathered around the project. The project provides business representatives with an opportunity to get free online consulting on various issues from the team of professionals. 

Representatives of small and medium businesses are able to use 2 free consulting hours on the issues of their interest. In the context of the existing situation, additionally the platform allows the companies to continue receiving consolations at reduced rates, if required. 

The finances required for establishing and functioning of the web platform were provided by ACT, and eventually the project received funding from EBRD. 

As of November 2020, 84 consulting sessions were held. The platform was utilized by 70 companies.