Rich Metals Group JSC RMG Cooper; RMG Gold LLC

In the context of the emergency situation caused by Covid-19 infection, effective from March 23 RMG started managing the processes to ensure safety of the personnel working in the enterprise and to efficiently cope with the epidemiological situation. 

For the purposes of virus spread prevention in the company production spaces and among the personnel, all respective standards are observed at a maximum degree. At the first stage of pandemic, the company started making facemasks and preparing disinfection liquid itself. 

As of November 2020, 568 fast and 1,160 PCR tests, plus 1,500 four-component French made flu vaccine shots were made available to the employees. The company personnel can voluntarily take the vaccine shot. 

Although the project has not yet ended, its initial results are already visible. Covid-19 management emergency headquarter is coordinating up to 3,000 employees. It has been playing a crucial role in running the production process without interruption and delays. 

Thanks to the efforts of the headquarter, the threat of spreading Covid-19 has been minimized, which is proven by the respective consequences: during the first wave Kazreti and RMG activity areas maintained a green zone status.