Miso Rico Express LLC

From the very first pandemic stage Rico Express set a plan to create a safe environment, assist the employees materially and protect them under the high risk threat. During decision taking the supervisory council of the company took into consideration the recommendations of WHO and Georgian government, also health condition of the employees, their needs and expectations. 

In order to minimize the chances of spreading the virus, Rico Express installed external tills, carried out daily disinfection and made mandatory wearing of facemasks in closed spaces. 

The company provided material support of 1,000 GEL in excess of the salary to 62 employees; those at high infection risk were put on paid leave until the end of pandemic. The supervisory council conducted systematic and individual screening of the employees a number of times. 

As a result of the measures taken under the project, the company ensured isolation of the infected employees and their contacts, worked out the possible safest schedule and maintained distant working conditions keeping full salaries for each employee within its maximum capacity.