JSC Micro Business Capital (MBC)

Under the conditions having emerged during the pandemic the employees proved to be the main value for the company and taking care of them became the first priority task for it. This was primarily illustrated in maintaining their jobs and salaries by 100%, in caring about their safety and continuity of their development. 

A series of online training sessions was held in the company involving the entire personnel. As per their theme diversity, the training included various urgent disciplines: 

-       processing of credit products

-       sales scripts

-       efficient communication

-       motivation – the tool for setting and achieving a goal

-       project – Talk, targeted at delivery of the revised information about the ongoing processes, stress management and team spirit empowerment 

Following the initiative of the management and employees, a corporate responsibility project – ‘Kindness is Contagious’ was developed. The company and its employees made a decision and took certain amounts from the employees’ salaries. The company on its behalf contributed to the fund the amount equal to that paid by the employees. The following projects were implemented with the collected money: 

-       providing internet access to ten adolescents

-       providing assistance to the elderly

-       providing assistance to female victims of violence 

Remaining active during the pandemic is most important for the employees, namely their involvement in dealing with the challenges that the company is facing, as well as in corporate social responsibility projects.