Liberty Bank

At the start of the pandemic, the bank planned a number of activities aimed at safety of the employees, their commuting, isolation, distancing and supplying with disinfection means. However, one of the most important loyalty projects is establishment of the internal fund – With Heart for one another. 

This is fund created under the initiative of the Bank management and serves its employees and their family members to date. In case of severe deterioration of health condition, any employee can apply to the fund and receive the amount needed for treatment – up to 3,000 GEL per case. 

The fund has been functioning for almost 8 months now. As of today, over 800 Liberty employees are registered and they have an option to make a monthly transfer of 0.5%, 1% or 1.5% from their salaries to the fund. The fund assisted over 20 employees. Up to 125,000 GEL have been collected by now. 

The internal fund – With Heart for One Another – ensured the employees health safety and maintenance of their positive mood.