Efes Georgia - JSC Lomisi

During the pandemic Efes Georgia specified protection of its employees health and wellbeing as the first priority. The employees that are not required to be in the field or at the production facilities, were moved to distant working mode. 

The production process became automated at a maximum possible degree. 

Plus, the company reduced the number of working hours and field activities for the respective groups. 

The visitors are not allowed to enter the factory and office areas. Production equipment, products and transport are disinfected on daily basis. 

The company provides its employees will full health insurance packages fully funded by the company. The company also funds catering and commuting of the employees during working hours. 

The company offers each employee an individual development plan and funds training and other courses for them which are organized within the company or by other organizations. 

Access to the mentioned educational resources is equal for all employees depending on specific needs. Throughout the period from January 1, 2020 to date, up to 60 training sessions were organized by the company, which includes online training during the pandemic.