Ecohouse Factory

From the very first days of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Ecohouse Factory started taking care of its employees, for which the company worked out a project targeted at supporting its employees during the Pandemic. 

The project commenced in March 2020 and is still going on. 

Taking care of and supporting its employees is the first priority of the company and there has always been a respective plan in place, although the pandemic made its existence even more actual and needed. The purpose of the project implemented during the pandemic is to create a convenient environment for the employees, to maintain a unified and strong team. 

During the pandemic Ecohouse: 

·       allocated transportation means for its employees (personal cars and a micro-bus);

·       fully paid for the fuel to commute them from home to work and back, as well as to organize any job-related transportation;

·       arranged convenient internal and external working spaces;

·       provided support to the employees when tested virus positive. 

Thanks to this project the company managed to maintain steady working environment, the employees are satisfied and their motivation is increased. 

By these actions the company wanted to illustrate that it is a stable employer and considers that establishment of the stress revealing environment allows to spend each day more productively and pleasantly.