When the corona virus pandemic completely changed the world pulsation and left its heavy footprint on our daily life, for BDO it was important to create a healthy, convenient, stress-free working environment, where health and financial stability of the employees would be guaranteed. For this particular reason, the company initiated a project in March 2020 – Manoeuvring in a new reality – BDO’s virtual office. The project is still ongoing. 

For the purposes of its employees’ safety, BDO put up to 300 of them to distant working. By full protection of the data safety and application of the internal communication channels of the modern technological environment, the company created a virtual office for which a new intranet – was launched at SharePoint platform. The project also included: analysis of specifications of various departments, planning of technical and visual details, setting up/developing of the main environment of the system and working out of the content. 

At the first stage the Intranet main page with the novelties was made available to the employees with announced webinars and Yammer corporate newsfeed. The content got enriched on daily basis, new information was added about BDO’s initiatives which were carried out during the pandemic for support of the customers and the society in general. Eventually the company started to realize that the new virtual office could have recreation function along with its business-like nature for encouragement of the employees. This is how the idea of organizing virtual cooking contest was born, as well as the idea of conducting a survey – BDO State of Mind, and etc. 

None of the company employees were released due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the number of employees increased in a number of directions. The pandemic did not affect remuneration of the employees.