The project was implemented in tandem with the educational foundation, Educare Georgia, which strives to make education of a global level available to any person living in Georgia.

As much as 96% of educational resources in computer programming, the most demanded profession in the world, are in English while 80% of Georgian schoolchildren either do not speak English or speak it poorly. Therefore, a decision was made to translate the Khan Academy’s free lessons in computer programming into Georgian.

For several years now, Educare Georgia has been translating the Khan Academy’s resources; for this purpose, it formed a professional team that successfully undertakes this activity. Veon is working to ensure an intensive promotion and popularization of the specialty and the platform.

The project ended in May 2019. A total of 164 JS, HTML/CSS and SQL lessons were translated. Since May, these lessons have been utilized by 9,676 users including 61% permanent users. This demonstrates that the interest towards the project is quite high