Agnese Alksne - Bensone

Corporate Social Responsibility Latvia  Co-founder/ Chairwoman of the board, Latvia


Agnese Alksne-Bensone, Founder of the CSR Latvia (Corporate social responsibility platform of Latvia) NGO and Sustainability Partners, Ltd., has worked in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility for more than 14 years. She was a jury lead in the Baltic Sustainability Awards category IMPACT in 2022 and has been a CSR Ukraine CSR project competition jury member since 2018. She also founded the CSR Latvia organization ten years ago as well as the Responsible Business Ambassadors program in 2018 during which more than 88 sustainability initiatives were initiated, some of which have already become the basis for new business development directions and national initiatives for responsible business action. Agnese Alksne-Bensone has educated more than 1,000 public and private sector representatives on sustainability topics in cooperation with the Employers Confederation of Latvia, KPMG Baltic and CSR Latvia, etc., as well as developed methodologies for companies' sustainability strategies, goal measurement, reporting, and supply chain mapping. She gained international experience by working at the US New Orleans Business Alliance, on the international team of Transparency International Latvia and in BM Certification, developing the certification business in the region (the Baltics, Finland, Ukraine and other CEEC countries). She is convinced that maintaining a balance between profit ambitions and environmental and social impact in the business model is a challenge that everyone can handle.

Council member positions: Society for the Openness of Delna (Transparency International Latvia) and Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation since 2021.

Awards: Latvian Association for Public Relations Professionals - Golden Button winner (2016), US Government Scholarship Community Solutions Program (2017).