Tamar Rodonaia

Tamar Rodonaia received her education in social and political sciences and is currently pursuing a PhD in social responsibility development. She has long-term experience in implementing corporate communications and social responsibility policies in Georgia.

Tamar Rodonaia worked for the World Communications Group Telia’s member, Geocell, for 12 years, leading the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. At present, she is an independent consultant in CSR and corporate communications. In 2016-2020, she consulted different NGOs:  Civil Development Agency, Cida, the Center for  Strategic Research and Development of Georgia, CSRDG and  non-governmental organization “Keep Georgia Tidy” being involved in women's empowerment communication programs, in the subject of social entrepreneurship development and  promotion of environmental issues. She is a solicited lecturer at the Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). Tamar Rodonaia is a co-founder of the Anagrama’s Communications Group, one of whose main aims is to show the importance of developing corporate social responsibility to the private sector and maximizing interest in the development of this field.