Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora 2020 will be run with the changed scheme.

The COVID-19 crisis confirms once again that businesses, communities, society, and the environment are mutually dependent.  While COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the business of small and large companies alike, this is also a unique opportunity for responsible businesses to demonstrate how sustainable and well prepared they are to manage risks and adapt to new circumstances.

In this extraordinary and unprecedented time responsible business is more important than ever.

Organizers of the competition decided to dedicate Meliora 2020 to highlight the projects and initiatives implemented by companies in frames of their corporate responsibility in response to COVID 19 crisis.

Therefore, this year Meliora comprises four Categories, covering all main areas of responsible business actions in response to COVID-19 challenges. Which are:

  • Supporting employees during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supporting clients, customers and suppliers during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supporting society /communities during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Supporting SMEs and most suffered industries during COVID-19 pandemic

Please visit the link for detailed information about the categories -

Contest is open to the companies of all sizes from around the country.

Meliora is organized within the framework of Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative, supported by the European Union and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.