Georgia’s Independence Day, May 26, has been celebrated for 101 years. Despite this, only a very small part of the population perceives this day as a national holiday. Within the framework of this campaign, a clear appeal was disseminated – Hang out the Flag. This allows every citizen in the whole of Georgia to become a part of this tradition. At the beginning of the campaign,the idea was to hang out a flag at a place of residence. Later on, some other forms were added (such as decorating cakes with flags, etc.).  The main goal of the campaign in 2019 was communication with people who were born after the restoration of Georgia’s independence because the majority of these young people does not consider independence as their achievement. The video clip emphasizes that every person promotes Georgia’s independence just because he exists. The number of the campaign participants increases from year to year and, consequently, the number of flags exhibited onMay 26 also increases.