Meliora 2018 – Winners

Large Responsible Company of the Year

J.S.C MFO Crystal

For MFO Crystal corporate social responsibility is an essential, effective and long-term strategy oriented model necessary for business management and production which is considered in the company’s daily work.

Responsibility in the Marketplace

Insurance Company GPI Holding

Small and Medium Size Business Support Program

In 2017, GPI in partnership with the Georgian Small and Medium Size Enterprises’ Association launched a project oriented on the development of small and medium size entrepreneurs. The project aims to popularize insurance as a financial protection mechanism, raise the awareness of entrepreneurs about insurance and engage them into the insurance system which is a necessary condition for the development and strengthening of the country’s economy.

Green Initiative

Bank of Georgia

Gzad App *

The Bank of Georgia’s CSR team and designers elaborated an application called On the Way (Gzad) in June 2017 for the purpose of decreasing environmental pollution through reducing vehicle emissions and solving the problem of traffic jams in Tbilisi.

Green Initiative

LTD Tire Recycling Company – TRC

Do not Dump What can be Recycled

The company was established in 2017 with the aim to reduce waste and clean the environment from dumped tires. As a result of the research conducted by the initiative group of the TRC, it was revealed that 7 million kilograms of tires are dumped annually in Georgia. Of these, 95% are dumped into the environment as discarding them in landfills is prohibited and there are no tire recycling plants in the country.

Responsible Employer

(Small and medium-sized enterprise)

Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG)

Employee Development Program

The individual Employee Development Program was officially launched in 2017 and continues to the present day. The program aims at ensuring the success and sustainable development of the company through implementing a program oriented on the professional growth and development of employees.

Community Support

TBC Bank

Write in the Georgian Alphabet

The Write in the Georgian Alphabet project was launched in 2015 and is still in progress. It is a combination of several initiatives aimed at integrating the Georgian alphabet into the digital world with the aim of promoting the Georgian alphabet for its use in the digital space.

Community Support

(Small and medium-sized enterprise)

Analyze and Consulting Team ACT

Supporting Communities

From September to October 2017, ACT’s employees provided marketing consultation to the Babale social enterprise. The needs assessment implemented within the framework of the project outlined the challenges in several main directions:  enterprise publicity, product positioning and categorization.

Cross-Sector Partnership


Natakhtari Foundation

The Natakhtari Foundation helps orphaned children in preparation for an independent life and continues to support them when they leave the state care system upon reaching the age of adulthood. Each year and for a certain period, a percentage of sales from each bottle of lemonade sold is
transferred to the foundation.

Creative CSR



Holmes&Watson elaborated the campaign’s concept at the request of the client, Tegeta Motors. Tegeta Motors has been actively engaged in small-scale CSR activities over the recent years related to vehicle emissions but after the presentation of Holmes&Watson’s concept, the decision was taken
that a large-scale campaign would certainly benefit both the brand and every citizen.

Waste Management Oriented Initiative

Palitra Media Holding

Project Waste Paper

Waste paper management can play a significant role in environmental protection. As an example, 21,000 school notebooks can be made from one ton of paper which is discarded after its usage. At the same time, the processing of one ton of waste paper can save 17 trees, 26 m3 of water and 2.3 m2 of land.