Winners 2019

Responsible Large Company of the Year

ProCredit Bank Georgia

In its activity, the Bank is guided by several key principles: it appreciates transparency in its relationship with clients, it does not try to encourage consumer loans, it tries to minimize its impact on the environment and it offers service based on the knowledge of the situation of each customer alongside a sound financial analysis.

Small and Medium Size Responsible Company of the Year

Altitude Limited AltiHut Project 3014

The mountaineering shelter and alpine Hotel AltiHut is located at 3,104 meters above sea level and is targeted at high-income tourists. It represents a social enterprise with the goal to improve sanitary conditions and security in general at alpine heights and develop touristic potential while establishing the highest service standards in areas that are difficult to access.

Green Initiative

TBC Bank – Green Car Fleet

In 2017, TBC Bank assessed its car fleet and fuel consumption data and found out that an average fuel consumption (100km/liter) was quite high. Consequently, in 2018, the company gradually renewed 70% of its car fleet, replacing it with hybrid cars and electric cars; this resulted in a 13% decrease in the total fuel consumption by the end of 2018 as compared to 2017. According to June 2019 data, the average fuel consumption further decreased by 27% as compared to 2018.

Waste Management Oriented Initiative

Geo Mulch LLC – Mulching – A Necessary Activity for Reducing Environmental Pollution

According to data, air pollution in big cities of Georgia exceeds permitted levels. A significant source of pollution is open land which, during winds, releases large amount of dust particles into the air, including toxic nitrous oxides causing various diseases.


Ltd Nexia TA – An Employee – The Highest Value

The goal of the project is to change the attitude and mood of the employees and create a healthy working environment and decent and dignified working conditions in the company.

Supporting Communities

Insurance Company GPI Holding – Day of Action

It is important for GPI to have loyal employees who are proud of working at the company, feel that they belong in it and have team spirit and a sense of unity. To this end, the company regularly undertakes various activities. This time, a decision was taken to design a large-scale project that would involve all units of the company towards achieving one goal.

Supporting Communities

Fair Trees – Fair Trees Dental Clinic for Children

An annual social project, free medical examinations for the population implemented by Fair Trees, revealed an alarmingly low level of oral care and treatment among children in the Ambrolauri municipality. This was the result of an absence of a pediatric dental clinic in the region and the extreme poverty of the population which makes dental care and treatment a low priority.

Cross-Sector Partnership

TBC Bank – Exhibition of Davit Kakabadze’s Creative Activity to Inspire Modern Artists

To mark the 130th anniversary of the birth of Davit Kakabadze, a famous painter and founder of Georgian modernism, TBC Bank, in partnership with the Davit Kakabadze Foundation, launched a large-scale project which was inaugurated in May 2019 by opening a comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Kakabadze’s creative activity at TBC Gallery. The exhibition presented Kakabadze to public as a painter, art critic, photographer, operator, scientist, inventor and stereo-cinema specialist.

CSR Manager of the Year

MBC – Tamta Aslanishvili, CSR Manager

CSR activation at MBC relates to the name of Tamta Aslanishvili. At her initiative and through active cooperation with management, the company’s CSR strategy, structure and budget were elaborated in 2018, resulting in the company’s involvement in multiple significant international and local networks. The company is implementing CSR programs directed at education, environmental protection, employee welfare and social aspects.

Creative CSR

WATERGUNZ – The Sound of Indifference

In Georgia it is illegal to sell cold weapons to a person under age; however, this prohibition does not actually function. Plus, in recent years we have observed a dangerous increase in adolescent crime in the country. The social campaign of the Watergunz agency was aimed at drawing society’s attention to this problem and toughening the legislation related to the selling of cold weapons through the mobilization of public opinion.