Who Can Enter

Who Can Enter

The Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards are free to enter. The awards are open to the companies of any size registered in Georgia. Large, medium and small companies can enter and will have equal chances to win, as entries will be assessed against the scoring guide and not against each other. As long as the program, project or initiative or strategy shows commitment, credibility and concrete results, it is eligible to enter.

Small and medium sized company as well as a large company winner may be awarded in each category.

Multinationals operating in Georgia have to demonstrate a visible initiatives and active efforts on local level – not only implementation of global strategy; its assessment would take into account the adjustment of the company’s global strategy to Georgian conditions and its quality domestic activities.

Last year’s participants

Last year submissions could be entered again only if they can clearly demonstrate tangible new results, achievements and developments since last submission.

Last year’s winners

The overall Grand Prix Winner from the previous year is not permitted to submit an entry to the same category in Meliora Awards in the following year. However, they are allowed to enter any other category/categories.

The Winner in a thematic category from the previous year is not permitted to submit same project, even if it can demonstrate tangible developments and new results. The Winner in a thematic category from the previous year is allowed to submit again to the same category only if this is a totally different programme/project.

For example, if a company was a Winner in Meliora 2018 in the category “Green Initiative” they will be allowed to submit a new entry to the same category in 2019 only if this is a totally new and different project.

However, previous winners are strongly encouraged to submit again the new initiatives.

If company wins in the same category for the two successive years, it is not allowed to enter the same category for the third year.

According to National Statistics Office of Georgia  GEOSTAT a Large company is defined as a company which has more than 250 employees; SME is defined as any company having 250 employees or less. National branches of multinational companies, which locally have less than 250 employees will be considered a large company, not SME.

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