Business companies are welcome to apply with their CSR projects implemented in 2018-2019 until the deadline of 30th of September in following categories:

6 main:

  1. Supporting Communities;
  2. Cross-Sector Partnership;
  3. Green Initiative;
  4. Responsible Employer;
  5. Responsibility in Marketplace;
  6. CSR communication and transparency;

3 special:

  1. CSR Manager of the Year;
  2. Creative CSR;
  3. Waste Management Initiative.

Grand Prix – Responsible Company of the Year will be conferred separately to a pioneering large company and to SME, that have embedded responsibility across their business strategies and operations and can demonstrate examples of policies or projects, which positively impact upon the society and environment.

The members of the independent jury, leading Georgian and international experts representing reputable international and local civil society organisations and academia, will assess the projects submitted for the ‘Georgia’s responsible Business Awards Meliora 2019’, based on the consistency and effectivness of their results.

Meliora 2019 will very soon start to receive applications. The contest is held within the frameworks of “Georgian Civil Society Sustainabilty Iniatiative” funded by European Union and co-funded by Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Meliora 2019 will very soon start to receive applications.