Submitting your Intention to Enter (Optional)

2. Submitting your Intention to Enter (Optional)

Before submitting full applications, applicants are encouraged to submit first their Intention to Enter by completing the simple form, which could be downloaded from the Contest webpage.

Please note: submitting intention to Enter is optional! You can still submit your Entry without submitting Intention to Enter!

Those applicants, who submit the Intention to Enter, would be eligible to receive individual consultation from CSRDG consultants on completing the entry form.

he deadline of submitting Intention to Enter is 10 September, 2019. You can submit it by mail: Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit Intention to Enter as soon as possible, to avail sufficient time for individual consultations and have enough time to complete the Entry Form.

The Individual consultations will take place during September 3-27, 2019.

Please Remember:

  • Submitting Intention to Enter is not obligatory; this is up to you to decide, whether you use this opportunity or not;
  • The title of the project provided in the Intention to Enter is provisional. You can change the title in a final application;
  • You can also submit additional nominations to other categories, after submitting Intention to Enter.