Responsible Employer

Responsible Employer

Award for companies that champion their employees’ wellbeing, development and engagement

What should the nomination be about: This category recognizes remarkable program/project/initiative, which company implements over and above statutory obligations, aimed at physical, mental and social well-being of the employees, providing equal opportunities and creating good and fair working conditions, promotion of employee’s education and satisfaction.

To be recognized as a winner in this category means that a company has policies, programs, and management system in place that shows that it values its employees and respects them.


  • Employees’ development and education;
  • Health and safety at work;
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives;
  • Family friendly workplace;
  • Social protection;
  • Work climate and employee participation;
  • OTER: If the project does not fit into any of the above themes, applicants can add a theme,
    which suits their nomination best..

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