Financial Adviser

The aim of Financial Adviser, a social educational project of the MBC company, is to help people acquire financial knowledge and skills that will enable them to correctly and effectively use available financial instruments in managing their own means, prevent people from walking into the trap of fraudulent schemes and financial pyramids and make their relations with financial organizations well informed and responsible.

Financial Adviser has been intensively implemented since the beginning of 2019. Over this period, the project provided consultations to entrepreneurship program participants from Marneuli, Senaki, Zugdidi, Poti, Tsalenjikha and Shaumiani. It joined the Global Money Week organized by the National Bank of Georgia along the occupation line in the Gori municipality. Within the framework of the project of the Taso Foundation, it assisted women’s groups in the Samegrelo region in preparing for a grant competition. It also provided free masterclasses to stakeholders of tourism and took part in numerous other educational events.

The partners of the project are the international organization, Action Against Hunger, the Taso Foundation and Pro Bono Georgia.

“Financial Adviser conducts educational activity via its online blog on its webpage as well as on social networks.