Improvement of Working Conditions for Staff

The aim of project is the improvement of working conditions for the staff and implementation of different activities to mitigate stressful conditions and the maximum involvement of the HR Department in business processes. Th project was launched in 2018 and is still in progress.

Along with the rapid increase in the number of employees working in the business and service spheres, a problem was clearly identified:  a permanent relationship and contact with customers is related to stress that negatively affected the mood of the staff members, the working processes and the final outcomes. The problem made it clear that the involvement of the HR Department in business processes and the improvement of the staff’s working environment was absolutely necessary. In 2018, the company conducted a survey of the staff’s needs and recommendations were developed that were used to introduce the process of measuringthe staff satisfaction level as well as the HR business partner practice of a continuous study of staff needs, Based on the results obtained, the development and implementation of special activities to change and improve working processes and the general environment would be introduced.

The following entertainment activities with the participation of staff members were carried out in order to make the working environment more attractive, pleasant and positive:

  • Film showings
  • Fruit and ice-cream on a weekly basis
  • Thematic clothes and activities on holidays
  • Activity – take care of the environment
  • Table tennis, etc.

As a result of the implemented activities, the motivation of staff members increased. The results attest to this achievement.In 2019, the company’s technical assistance project was internationally recognized.

The company became known as a reliable employer that conditioned the increase in the number of employees.

The project is a long-term activity which is directed at the improvement of the working processes of the staff. For the next year, the implementation of the Employee Road Map project to help the staff better visualize the tools and ways of development offered by the company is already planned.