Nominations are evaluated by independent Jury (panel of the external assessors) consisting of the leading Georgian and international experts in the field of corporate social responsibility and separate areas of CSR, such as: environmental protection, community development; labour issues, consumers’ rights etc.).

The judging process is completely independent and no representative from CSRDG (Contest organizer) sits on Jury. The Jury members, representing international organizations, civil society organizations, and Academia, have been invited to join the panels due to their impartiality, vast experience and knowledge.

Each category would be independently assessed by specific evaluation committee, consisting of the CSR experts and thematic experts of the relevant sphere (e.g. entries to the category Green Initiative will be assessed by CSR experts and experts on environmental protection etc.).

The information about Jury members from Georgia would be kept confidential (all jury members sign confidentiality agreement), to avoid conflict of interests and lobbying; they would be revealed at the Awards Ceremony in December.

The International judges for Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards 2018 are as follows:

Alex Ferrand
Business in the Community – The Prince’s Responsible Business Network, UK

Angus McCabe
Third Sector Research Centre, Birmingham University, UK

Pavel Hrica
Pontis Foundation, Slovakia

Elaine Cohen
Beyond Business, Israel

Sandy Halliday
Gaia Research Edinburgh, Scotland

Loic van Cutsem
Ashoka, Austria

Marianne Bogle
CSR Sweden, Sweden

Chris Butters
Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), Oslo University, Norway

Thomas Kolster
Goodvertising, Denmark

Hans Wiesmeth
Saxon Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Dresden (TUD), Germany

Peter Angel
Kessler Consulting, USA

Rachel Allan