FAQ and additional information for the applicants

All potential applicants will have an opportunity to address Contest Organizational Committee with a written question till September 28 on the following email: csrawards@meliora.ge (please indicate in the subject line – Question). Frequently asked questions and relevant answers will be published on the Contest webpage in the category FAQ.

Project organizers will conduct the group consultation for all interested parties concerning application procedures and evaluation criteria. The date and place of the consultation will be announced on the Contest webpage.

Applicants who have submitted the Intention to Enter before September 10 will be eligible to receive individual consultation on completing their application.

1. How many applications may be submitted for the contest??

Answer: Multiple applications may be submitted for various categories. For example, two different projects may be submitted for the categories Green Initiatives and Responsible Employer, etc.

2. Is it possible to submit two different projects for one category?

Answer: Yes, it is, provided the projects relate to different themes/topics under mentioned category. For example, two projects may be submitted for the category Green Initiatives, provided that one relates to biodiversity and another relates to energy management. However, two projects cannot be submitted for the category if both relate to energy management.

3. Is it possible to submit one project for several different categories?

Answer: No, it is not. One project may be submitted for only one category. You must decide which category suits you project best (organizers of the contest may be consulted on this issue).

4. Almost every category has the list of themes/topics. What is the purpose of this list?

Answer: The list provides specific themes/topics under a broad category. For example, Responsible Employer is a broad category and may suit various projects relating to more specific topics, such as: employee health and safety at work; social protection of employees; equal opportunities for employees, etc. You should decide which category to apply for and then tick in the entry form the theme/topic which suits your project best.

Indication of the main theme will help judges to understand the specific purpose of the submitted project and how the company positions its project within CSR landscape. Please, note that one award would be conferred for each category.

5. We are a small company with 47 employees in total. Does it make sense to apply for the contest? What are our chances to win if a large company, with several hundred employees,enters the same category?

Answer: Large and small companies will have equal chances to win the contest. Judges will evaluate each project according to the criteria published on the contest webpage. A nominated project will be evaluated proportionally to the size of the company. Moreover, two awards may be conferred for each category – one for a large company and another for a small/medium company.

6. Is it obligatory to submit Intention to Enter? Is it possible to submit entry without the
Intention to Enter?

Answer: Intention to Enter is not obligatory; you may apply for the contest without submitting the Intention to Enter! However, applicants, who submit the Intention to Enter, will be eligible to receive individual consultation on filling the entry form.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to use this opportunity.

7. We represent a global multinational company. Are we eligible for the contest?

Answer: Yes, you are. However, you have to demonstrate projects implemented in Georgia and their outcomes, not only the implementation of global strategy. In evaluating it judges will consider the adjustment of the company’s global strategy to Georgian conditions and quality of domestic activities.

8. How one may receive consultations on filling the entry form?

Answer: The group consultation will be conducted for applicants (the date will be announced on the contest webpage). Applicants, who submit the Intention to Enter, will be eligible to receive individual consultation on filling the entry form. You may also send questions in writing to the contest team before 28 September via email: csrawards@meliora.ge (please, indicate “question” in the subject field of e-mail).

9. Should a nominated project be necessarily completed?

Answer: Not necessarily. The project may not be already completed, but be in progress, with some results already in place, and others clearly on track. If the nominated project started before 2017 and has been implemented since then, you must describe clearly when the implementation of the program/project started, at what stage it currently is, what activities have been implemented and what results achieved since January 2017 (i.e. specified the period of time for the contest).

10. In what form should a filled entry form be submitted?

Answer: Filled entry forms must be submitted as a word document, along with the requested attachments via e-mail: csrawards@meliora.ge. Within three business days after submitting the application, you will receive a notification confirming the receipt. If you do not receive such notification via e-mail, please contact us at..

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