Completing the Entry Form

3. Completing the Entry Form

Please, download the appropriate Entry Form from Here. There are many different categories to choose from. Entry forms for different categories are different.

Applicants should select the entry form of the appropriate category and indicate specific theme to which their entry relates, by using the tick boxes.

If you decide to enter several nominations to different categories, a separate entry form should be completed for each nomination.

Entry forms consist of introductory section, requesting company details and main sections, requesting information about the nominated program/project/initiative and about overall CSR approach in the selected area.

The introductory section – Company Details, is not scored but provides assessors with a good understanding of the overall business of the company in a wider context and its impact on the society, which helps them to evaluate the nomination. Application forms missing this information will not be accepted.

While completing the scored section, please be sure to follow the instructions laid out in the category descriptions and entry forms, also refer to the evaluation scoring guides, as the Jury will look for those
elements when they select the winners.

Entry forms for most of the categories require to submit a brief Summary(max. 200 words) of the project. Be sure to reflect all important aspects of your entry in the Summary. The Summary should be written with the expectation that i  will be published on the Contest’s website and other award materials.

Entry forms also require to provide a brief quotation (max. 60 words) from the CEO (or equivalent) of the nominating company why responsible business is important for the company and for him/her personally. This point is not obligatory, but very much appreciated to help assessors understand the support provided from the top of the organization. If submitted, quotation could be published in various communication materials related to the Contest (such as web-page, information brochures etc.).

Make sure you get in your request for this early on in the process to accommodate your CEO’s (or equivalent) diary/ sign off process.

Please be sure to complete all sections. Incomplete applications would not be considered.

Please limit your entry to the word limits set out on the entry forms.

If your contact information changes after submitting an application, it is your responsibility to amend your details with Contest Organizers.

Submitting additional documents, links and evidence

Our Jury will seek evidence to substantiate any claims made. Further materials would be helpful and would add to your entry, so you are encouraged to submit supporting evidence (such as photos, brochures, reports, newsletters and media coverage, videos, testimonials, URLs and anything else you feel will give the assessors a better sense of your project).

Please select most relevant illustrative materials.

  • When providing the extensive documents, please indicate exact pages that you would like the Jury to pay attention to;
  • Please provide good quality, high resolution photos (in jpg, tif or png format) to illustrate the content of your nomination;
  • When providing web-links/URLs, please insert them into the main text of the Entry, next to the point the evidence supports..

Please be as specific about page number or video timeframe as possible, particularly if you are linking to a substantial report or document. Jury will not read a full report so it is important to signpost the most relevant aspects of any links to best support your submission..

Supporting materials should be uploaded on a Google Drive, bound in a package/folder; the link

should be inserted into your Entry form, in the relevant field.

By sending the illustrative materials, you agree with their possible publication in connection with the Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards (if you do not state otherwise in the confidentiality field of the Entry form).


Some of the nomination material may be internal or proprietary in nature. Any part of your submission which is confidential or commercially sensitive should be clearly marked as such in the relevant field of the Entry Form.