Selecting appropriate category

1. Selecting appropriate category

Think of the great program/project/initiative your company has implemented in the last two years (2018-2019). Select appropriate category. From the list of themes, covered by this particular category, select the specific theme which suits your project best. For example, if you decided to submit an entry to the category: Green Initiatives, you should select the specific theme under this category, such as: energy management, or reducing pollution, or protecting biodiversity etc. which is most relevant for your project.

  • It is recommended to tick only one theme, which is most appropriate for your project. However, if you consider your nomination equally responds to more than one theme, you can tick two, maximum three themes;
  • If the project does not fit into any of the listed themes, you can add a new theme, which suits your nomination best.

Indication of the relevant theme is required for the evaluation reasons – it helps Jury to understand how company positions its nomination within CSR landscape and what was the specific purpose of the nominated program, project or initiative. However, remember: award will be conferred per category, not per theme.

If you have a program, project or initiative that you think may fall under more than one category, it is up to you to decide which is the most relevant..

How many Entries can you submit?

You may submit any number of entries to any number of categories; You can enter different categories with different projects, and, you may enter one category with several projects, but only if they are related to different themes under mentioned category (For example, you can submit different entries to categories: Green Initiative and Responsible Employer; you can also submit two different entries to one and the same category – Responsible Employer, if your entries relate to two different themes under this category, e.g.: Health and Safety at Work; and Employees’ Development and Education).

One entry could not be submitted twice to two or more different categories, you may only submit a specific project once.

You can also nominate your company for Grand Prix – Responsible Large Company/SME of the Year – if it is active in all spheres of corporate responsibility and overall performance of the company is underpinned by responsible approach to employees, customers, suppliers, environment and society at large.

If company applies to the Grand Prix, it may additionally apply to any of the other categories that appreciate the special approach in the individual areas of CSR.

Contest organizers may recommend the applicants to move nomination into another category or to
indicate another specific theme at the stage of eligibility assessment (before the nomination goes to the Jury). However final decision will be made by applicant.

If you require guidance on selecting appropriate category (or theme), please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone.